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My Zart
My Zart stores all your personal details, organisation details (if applicable), communication preferences and interests. My Zart has been designed to provide you with an easy, quick and convenient shopping experience and easy access to our comprehensive resources Library. You can manage your profile at any time by clicking on 'My Zart' at the top of your screen.

How to Join My Zart
To create a profile, purchase from the Zart Shop and gain access to the Zart Library:

1. Click 'Join Now' (found on the Home Page) or 'Sign In' and click 'Register as a New Member'.
2. Fill in all details on the form provided.
3. Make a note of your Login ID and password for future reference.
4. Read the Terms and Conditions by following the link at the bottom of the form.
5. Once complete, click 'Join Now'.

Personal Details
To update your personal details:

1. Click 'My Zart' (top navigation bar) and sign in using your Login ID and password.
2. Select the 'Personal Details' tab. Edit your details then click 'Submit' to save your changes.
3. Click 'Multiple Delivery Addresses' to manage your delivery and mailing address/es:

(i) To add another delivery address, fill in the new address details and click 'Add'.
(ii) To edit a delivery address, click 'Select' next to the address you want to edit, make your changes then click 'Update'.
(iii) To delete a delivery address, click 'Select' next to the address you wish to delete, then click 'Delete'.

School Details
If you are associated with a School, Early Learning Centre or another organisation, you can purchase on their behalf with the appropriate authorisation:

A. If your school/organisation already has an account with Zart, please fill out a Purchase Online Authorisation Form and return to Zart. Make sure Section B is filled in with your details.
B. If there is no existing account with Zart, please fill out a Zart Credit Account Application Form and return it to Zart for processing. You will be notified when the account is activated.

Once you have authorisation to purchase and your account is activated, sign in and click 'My Zart'.

1. Select your 'Customer Type' from the drop down menu at the top of the form.
2. Select the 'School Details' or 'Organisation Details' tab.
3. Enter the name of your school/organisation into the Organisation Name field and select it from the list*.
4. Complete the form and click 'Submit'.
5. Your My Zart account should now be linked to that organisation.

* If your school/organsiation isn't listed and you have an account with Zart please notify our Customer Service team (03 9890 1867).

To receive updates on areas specific to your interests, click on the 'Interests' tab and select your interests from our list. 

Zart has many different ways of communicating with customers. To ensure that we have your communication preferences correct please answer the questions in the Communication tab.

Change Password
Keep your profile secure by changing your password every now and then. Your password can be changed easily as long as you know the current password.

How to Access the Library
You must be signed in to access the Library.

1. Sign in using your Login ID and password.
2. Click 'Library' in the menu bar.
3. You can search for a specific items by typing into the Search Box or by checking boxes in the Advanced Search.
4. Browse Zart Extra Articles, Projects, Videos/Demonstrations, Student Gallery Archives and more by selecting the areas of interest in the menu on the left hand side of the page.


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